DAM: Managing your own contents is simple

Grafico DAMWhy DAM?
In the new era of publishing, contents are distributed in various forms of media, both digital and paper-based, content management is at the heart of the publisher’s strategy.
Time allowed to the production is reduced, the components of an editorial product increase (eg. with the addition of multimedia files) and the number of channels through which the product is distributed is constantly growing. Today, the management and enhancement of content is a key factor for promoting the new publisher’s supply model (range of services/products)

What is DAM?
Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows professional, automated management of contents, content being the real core of the business for the publisher.
It is an advanced filing system, which enables storage management and cataloguing of all the files that are the assets of the publishing house: from image files to PDF files. The DAM allows you to handle digital assets both efficiently and on an industrial scale; in terms of organizing, searching for, sharing, distributing and re-using on new products.


  • Reduction of costs for digital assets research (by use of metadata and consistency of the search result);
  • Simplification of publisher’s activity for new editions and new “derived” products etc..;
  • Simplification of reprints management (by Versioning, in order to be sure of always choosing the latest version of the file);
  • Notification system to optimize time of production management;
  • Automated management of diverse channels for digital sales;
  • Reduction of marketing time of publications;
  • Protection of the value of the publisher’s assets, through the normalization of files, in accordance with the ISO standards;
  • Preservation of its editorial material on a single platform, accessible via the Web.


  • The DAM Promedia solution has been specifically designed to meet the needs of publishers; it can be adopted with no need to change its work flow.
  • The Promedia Digital Asset Management solution (DAM) is supplied via SaaS model (SaaS – Software as a Service).
  • The DAM Promedia solution allows the publisher to devote its energy to core business – editorial and commercial – providing the most advanced technology in order to meet certain costs and market challenges in a short time.

Activation time: 6 to 8 weeks

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