About us

Providing specific answers to targeted needs. Speaking digitally. This is the mission of Promedia, founded in 2005 as  a response by the Vincenzo Bona Group  to the digital changes in the  publishing market. A mission that results in services, skills, and technologies structured to facilitate clients in the passage towards modern communication systems.

The added value is its history. Promedia was founded as a spin-off of the historic  Vincenzo Bona Spa company in Turin. The experience it gained over the centuries as a primary player in the production of printed material for the publishing sector is, today,  integrated with  its ability to use the latest IT solutions for conveying contents through new distribution models.

In virtue of this unique know-how, the Turin company guides publishers in the ongoing transformation process, offering expertise and a whole range of services and products required for selling their content in an innovative way through the web and new media.

The services offered are varied and meet every type of need: from the creation of ebooks, multimedia showcases, content management and archiving (DAM and CMS), to the creation of websites and Apps, distributions patforms and offset and digital printing. The benefits are real and interesting: the expertise of Promedia enables publishers to increase their business opportunities by opening new sales channels, as well as  increase efficiency by reducing operating costs, thanks to the computerization of their production processes.
Moreover, Promedia offers publishers an approach where business development is the enhancement of its editorial content key point: a reason why  publishers can decide, from time to time, what product – whether paper or digital –  and what sales channel to adopt in relation to their strategies. Promedia is a company in constant evolution and growth with the mission to simplify  the transition to a new era of publishing.