Different kinds of sales channels through a single service


Prospero is an integrated platform for the management of sales, production and distribution On Demand, specifically targeted at small publishers in the Internet age. Prospero allows small publishers to seize the opportunities offered by new technologies and innovative business models.


Enhance your production through new sales channels and through the innovative On Demand business model.

Managing new sales channels

  • Add your titles to the Espresso Book Machine®, the new Mondadori Store sales channel for single copy prints;
  • Add your titles to the Espressnet channel with 100 Espresso Book Machine® stores in USA, UK, Japan and Australia;
  • E-commerce channel with complete management of takings and logistics as well as complete reports related to the number of users, sales and business;
  • Single copy sale of sold outs or of the printable ebooks trough the www.prosperolibri.com website;
  • Distribution of the ebook version on Edigita platform.

Enhancing your presence in the traditional channels

    • You have the ability to manage orders coming directly from bookshops, thanks to a special account on www.prosperolibri.com or on the publisher’s website;

You have the ability to increase your online presence and visibility through the searches of bookstores and libraries, thanks to automatic metadata and catalog covers loading on Alice catalogue.

Production management and logistics

  • Access to a platform and a service assitance for managing small circulation;
  • Advanced logistics services and the possibility to add it to your e-commerce channel, with delivery within 24/48 hours from order.
  • E-Pub conversions;
  • Print file activity checks;
  • Enrichment of metadata services and advanced cataloguing;


  • A single point of contact for the management of production and distribution of new sales channels;
  • Ability to appraise all present as well as future sales channels;
  • Ability to sell abroad thanks to a network of 100 bookshops worldwide;
  • Simplification of the content and sales management, through the use of a platform which integrates all the components needed to manage the new offer;
  • Simplification of research and marketability of publisher’s titles on the Internet and directories used by booksellers and librarians, thanks to the transfer of metadata and covers to the Alice books in print catalogue;
  • Reduction of publisher’s burden of dealing with organizational, logistical and production issues;
  • Increasing opportunities for additional sales resulting from managing titles which have low-demand, and offering out-of-print titles;
  • Increasing customer loyalty and manage direct marketing, via automated E-commerce, with no impact in terms of time and cost to the publisher;
  • Set up or consolidate the production and distribution of e-books;
  • Always make contents available, whilst maintaining the rights;
  • Ability to easily integrate any new forms of contents usage;
  • Ability to choose individual Prospero services, according to publishers’ needs.